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Welcome to AweHDR

AweHDR is an enabling technology allowing HDR Video to be streamed over the web and played in any HTML5 capable browser.

AweHDR videos are encoded using existing, browser-compatible codecs such as VP9 or H.264.

AweHDR comprises a decoding library and video player UI, both written in Javascript using PixiJS, allowing developers to deeply customize the player, integrate HDR into existing web apps and infrastructures or build their own player from scratch.

Presently, the AweHDR demo application is only available to registered users.  

Only selected users will be granted access to the AweHDR demo.

In order to be accepted as a registered user at this stage you need to:

  • Register with your company/institution email address - no bulk email providers
  • Use real credentials, Name and Surname upon registration
  • Agree with all the terms and conditions
  • Work in a related industry

At the sole discretion of the Administrators, users who are not granted access to the AweHDR demo may be registered as Guests and allowed to read upcoming news and gain access to additional information and material.

Terms of Service and Licensing

If you are accepted as a registered user you must agree to the full Terms of Service, which are simplified and summarized, for your convenience, as follows:

  • You will gain access to proprietary code and/or material which is copyrighted and/or patent-pending.
  • You agree to use such material and code for evaluation purposes only.
  • That means all other uses of any kind are prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to send, transmit, share, or transfer such material to any other person or company by any mean.
  • You are not allowed to reverse-engineer such material and/or derive your own code from said material.
  • You understand that once such code is downloaded and run on your local computer, you become responsible for it even against third parties.
  • This is not an NDA, so you are free to talk about it, but remember that you're not allowed to share code or parts of it even if citing it when writing on a blog or a forum.

The software you are going to use and evaluate is not licensed to you for any use but evaluation purposes. That means you have no rights over it whatsoever.


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